Monday, November 15, 2010

Is NTTA Scam Is Paying Off?

In a previous blog post titled "NTTA Put to the Test..." I asserted that despite a relatively constant  toll road transaction volume that the revenue would remain at the nearly doubled level or worse yet increase compared to previous years.  My hypothesis was that the increased revenue is derived primarily by increasing toll violations through prolonging the automated toll collection process.

The NTTA has provided a new report for investors ( that shows an estimation of the 2010 transaction and revenue volumes.  Lets look at the numbers presented in this report.

It does appear that the overall transaction volume has increased slightly since the end of 2009. However, the transaction level throughout 2010 seems relatively constant.

Now lets look at the revenue side of the equation.  Unfortunately for toll road users, the story appears to be the same.  The revenue is roughly double what it was before the NTTA implemented its new automated Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) booths and correspondingly the potentially fraudulent invoice and collections program (a.k.a. Scam).
It will be interesting to read the final report to see if the numbers are consistent with these projections.

Before closing, the following stories seem to substantiate that the NTTA's scam carries on through 2010.

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