Sunday, August 30, 2009

Getting Things Done

When I returned from our family vacation, I was greeted by an enormous amount of e-mail and work that had piled up during my absence. In addition, I have more projects on my plate than normal. Keeping this large pipeline of parallel projects going is more than I can manage well. In this state of disarray, I started looking for a system that can help me more effectively manage my project pipeline.

The three main criteria that I needed for success were:
  1. A pipeline manager for the Apple Mac
  2. A corresponding tool that syncs with the iPhone or iPod Touch
  3. A system to use these technologies effectively for managing multiple personal and work projects

After researching for a short while, I discovered OmniFocus. OmniFocus isn't a hard core project planner with Gantt charts and the like. However, the Omni Group does offer OmniPlan for serious project planning. Instead OmniFocus helps you manage your "Next Actions" for all of the projects in your personal and professional project pipeline. For me this is huge because I often have to put some projects on hold for long periods of time. When I finally get some focus time on a particular project, OmniFocus can help me effortlessly resume right where I left off without having to comb through my journals to figure out what I was doing last.

OmniFocus for iPhone enables me to enter in action items anywhere and at any time. This is really important to me as I often get great ideas on projects when I am no where near a computer or my office. Capturing ideas and action items immediately in my iPod Touch or iPhone will help me to get more sleep at night I often remember a long list of things that I need to do shortly after I lay down to go to sleep for the night.

These two great products are automatically kept in sync through my Apple MobileMe account. This enables me to capture ideas and actions while away from the office even for extended periods of time. Then when I return to the office, my project data is already in sync with my iPod Touch (or iPhone). Very Nice!!!

My last requirement is to have a system that enables me to maximize the use of the technology. OmniFocus had as one of its first project tasks to buy and read Getting Things Done by David Allan. I bought and have been listening to the Unabridged AudioBook version through iTunes. The book has opened my eyes to a much more effective system of project management through managing "Next Actions" and reference materials than I had seen before. I highly recommend this book and the system as whole.

Truly, this is a 1-2-3 punch that delivers results.

Blessings to you and yours!


Glory Revealed II

Hello friends,

One of my favorite CDs over the last couple of years has been Glory Revealed. It is one of those CDs that I enjoy listening to the full CD over and over again all day long. The music lifts my spirit. We recently purchased the next release, Glory Revealed II. The music of Glory Revealed I and II are scriptures (from the Bible) put to wonderful music in very creative ways. Be sure also to check out the free The Making of Glory Revealed II video.

I hope that these are a blessing to you.