Saturday, July 24, 2010

NTTA News Flash: I got a timely bill!


This is just a quick note to congratulate the NTTA for sending me a bill within two months of actual usage of the toll road system.

I only have one other vehicle with an outstanding bill from months ago.  In fairness to the NTTA, I suspect it may take longer simply because the vehicle still had dealer tags when I used the toll roads.

The last outstanding item for the NTTA that I can't wait to see is the 2010 NTTA Summary Annual Report.  You may recall from my previous blog post (NTTA Put To The Test...) where I hypothesized that the 2010 revenue may nearly double compared to previous years due to outrageous fees and poor invoice processing.  My last two blog posts give me hope that the NTTA may be cleaning up their invoice processing act.  If this blog post series (1-scam, 2-test, 3-update, 4-News Flash #1had anything to do with the improvements, kudos to social media and public accountability!

That's it for this update.  Have a great day!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

NTTA News Flash: I got a bill!

To my astonishment, I received my first bill from the NTTA yesterday.  Below you see a redacted version of the bill.  The most interesting thing to note from this bill is that it is for uses of the toll roads from late 2009 (e.g 6 months ago) and early 2010 (e.g. 3 months ago).  The early 2010 trip is one of the two trips that I have been tracking on my NTTA blog post series (1-scam, 2-test and 3-update).   Congratulations NTTA!  The bill isn't exactly timely but at least they kept their promise to send a bill.  Well done!  I hope that my remaining uses of the toll roads for my other two vehicles show up soon as well.

NTTA, I just paid my bill.  No need to send the collectors. ;-)

Have a great day!