Wednesday, June 30, 2010

NTTA Update...

Last weekend I really enjoyed shaving off nearly an hour of travel time by using the George Bush Turnpike (GBT) on my road trip.  When I got home, I realized that I was over due in providing my readers an update of my tests of the NTTA billing system.  The net of the tests was that I used the GBT and Dallas North Tollway (DNT) back in April of 2010 and on May 21st, 2010.  As of today, June 30, 2010 I have not received ANY bills for either of those uses of the NTTA toll roads.  

According to my experience with the NTTA billing process, the NTTA was supposed to promptly send me an invoice after I used the toll roads.  Then if my invoice was still unpaid after 30 days, they would send me a second invoice.   If I didn't pay either of those first two invoices within 60 days, they would add a $25 fine per invoice and turn my overdue unpaid invoices to a collection agency.  Last week marked the 30 day mark for may May 21st trip and I believe 60 days for my April trip.  Lets see how quickly that I get a letter from the collection agency.

I can't wait to send the collection agent to this series of blog posts. e.g. 3/7/20105/23/2010, and 6/30/2010.  However, if this billing cycle is anything like my previous experience, I may not hear from a collection agent until some time in 2012.

Have a blessed day!