Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Natural Sinusitus and Allergey Relief

Hello again,

It has been a while since my last post. One reason for the gap is that I have been studying and experimenting on myself with a natural alternative to anti-histamines. Like many, I have many allergies that can induce sinusitis due to swelling and drainage. This time of year is the worst for me as the grass pollens fill the air. I have tried most of the modern anti-histimine medications through the years. However, they make me either very drowsy or make it hard for me to mentally focus.

An Allergy Relief Alternative
With my new focus on wellness and not just symptom management, I started researching more holistic approaches. The best book that I have read thus far is Childhood Illness and the Allergy Connection: A Nutritional Approach to Overcoming and Preventing Childhood Illness by Zoltan P. Md Rona. There were many good recommendations that include diet, neti pots and supplementation with Quercetin and Bromelain . I had tried everything but the Quercetin and Bromelain with only mild results at best.

Putting It To The Test
This spring I decided to put Quercetin and Bromelain to the test. Before speaking to my personal results, lets learn a bit about these two ingredients. Quercetin supports a healthy histamine response for natural sinus support. Quercetin naturally inhibits the release of antibodies which cause a histamine response. However, Quercetin isn't easily absorbed by the body during digestion. Bromelain is added to make the Quercetin more bioavailable.

Food Sourced
From Wikipedia and other sources, we learn that there is a wide variety of foods that are rich in Quercetin including capers, apples, onions, and many more.
Also from Wikipedia, we learn that Bromelain is a protein-digesting enzyme from pineapples.

Consider The Results
Back to the results. At first I noticed some relief but it has continued to improve over time. Now after nearly 3 weeks I have almost no allergy symptoms. That is HUGE for me since this time of year my head is usually very congested. I would encourage anyone that suffers from seasonal allergies to try it for a few weeks.

When I researched the cons associated with Quercetin/Bromelain I saw two issues. First, people with food allergies should make sure the ingredient list doesn't include any foods that they may be allergic to. If the ingredient list isn't available, start slowly and be prepared to respond appropriately if you do experience an allergic reaction. I found the following two resources on Quercetin and Bromelain provide a more extensive look at possible side-effects.

Second, some people just don't like to swall pills or capsules. For example, I took the recommended 2 pills/capsules three times a day on an empty stomach for maximum impact. For the results are worth getting over issues with swallowing a few pills daily. If you don't like to swallow pills, I would encourage you to consider your favorite food. Is there any food that keeps your body nourished for the full 24 hours of a day? The answer is no. Food based supplements are the same way. They need to be consumed just two to three times a day for maximum effectiveness.

What Helped Me
The two main products that I found and tried are from ProHealth and VRP. There may be more products from other companies over time but these were the ones that I tried. My only complaint with the VRP product is that I sometimes get a slightly distasteful burp once the capsule dissolves. The ProHealth product does not have this since it is a pill. Feel free to find others through your favorite search engine.
Have a great and a healthy day!